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Jefferson Capital Systems Reviews

They helped me set up a payment plan and then 3 months later I was able to settle the account and they deleted it from my credit. I am so thankful. Everyone was nice and professional and helpful.


This company was very easy to work with and fair with negotiations. They also make it easy with removing the collection from your credit report which is what we all want to help our credit.


If you are looking for a way to correct mistakes you've made with your credit this is the company to go to. I bit off more than I could chew with a ******** account. This company not only worked with me to pay it off, but the collection was removed from my account in under 30 days. I am very grateful for this company. . .


As promised they removed the account from my credit and my score went up 51 points. Very happy about this. Thank you


I feel fortunate for the growth I have had with Jefferson Capital Systems. Opportunities for growth are available either by presenting ideas to management or seeking them through discussions with other associates. Find out where we need improvement. Management is always interested in new, time-saving solutions and innovative ideas. I always look forward to finding the next interesting project or task!

JCAP Manager

When I started at Jefferson Capital my manager made me feel comfortable and that I was valued. I feel like I fit in and help make a difference in what I do. The people have been kind from day 1 and extremely helpful.

JCAP Employee

Jefferson Capital has been a pleasure to work for. Work / life balance has been especially impressive for me. The people here are great and helpful, and I always feel appreciated. Highly recommended.

JCAP Employee

I am proud to work at Jefferson Capital Systems for the past 20 years. The emphasis on ethical practices and compliance is amazing. They provide a culture of innovation and encourage me to think outside the box. My job is fulfilling on multiple levels and I enjoy my colleagues.

JCAP Employee